Plergb, defined as a pair of Robot Musicians

Robot Musician Poster

Flower Head Robot and Moon Tune robot used to be ordinary robots. They had ordinary dull gray paint jobs with dull black serial numbers stenciled on their dull gray chests, and all they ever wanted was to do as they were told, dull gray day after dull gray day.

Their job, which they were about as good at as any of their class of robot, was to assist in tearing down buildings, especially ones that were too dangerous for humans to enter. It could be debated whether they were happy, since robots were not supposed to have emotions, but by the same token you couldn't say they were unhappy either.

Then a building fell down on them. This is something that now and then happens to this class of robot, and they normally take it more or less in stride: Wait to be dug out, hammer out the dents, and go on with their work. But this time was Different, and it led them to a career change.

The robots are making their debut on YouTube, where they will tell us more about themselves. This will be an ongoing thing as they figure themselves (and those pesky humans) out.

Videos they have posted so far:
  • The "Robot Musician Introduction" song
  • The "Singing About Love" song
  • The "Robot Musician Origin" song
  • An attempt at rhyme and meter.

  • Their story as transcribed by an interviewer:
  • Part One How they got here
  • Part Two Appealing to Humans
  • Part Three World Domination?
  • Part Four Campaign Strategy

  • More stuff will be posted as it becomes available.

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