Robot Musicians Questions and Answers, Part 4

Part 4 of an exclusive interview with Flower Head Robot and Moon Tune robot.

Q: In previous segments you mentioned plans for possible world domination. How do you expect to achieve this? I can see a number of practical problems.

A: We can't reveal all of our plans right now, but we are aware of the problems that people have mentioned, as well as a few others. Sooner or later we will come up with solutions, or if some problem has no solution, we will figure out a way to work around it.

Q: As an example of what can happen, in the last election for this country's chief executive, opponents made an issue of whether his birth certificate was authentic. What if opponents raise similar questions about you?

A:I recall hearing about that. Apparently some people thought he was the wrong brand of human, or something like that. Since robots are built in factories, we don't have birth certificates. They can't say it's fake if it doesn't exist in the first place.

Q: But what about countries that require such things before they will put your name on the ballot?

A: We've been looking at that. It's rather tricky because different countries have mutually exclusive requirements. Getting elected in one country can make you ineligible in others.

But we think we have a solution. In many countries we're teaming up with humans whose names will actually be on the ballot. They'll fulfill the eligibility requirements and do the publicly visible parts of the job, while we will run things from behind the scenes. They'll also give us feedback on how good a job we're doing, in case we miss some details.

Q: One problem with that approach is that not all countries have elections. How can you be elected if there's no election?

A: We'll probably do it in stages. Once our human allies are in office in all the countries that do have elections, we'll set a date for them to transfer power to us. On that date we'll ask all the people in those countries that don't have elections to rise up and declare us elected by acclamation.

At least that's the general plan. We're still working on the details.

Q: So assuming we want you to be elected, how do we know which humans to vote for?

A: Our campaign slogan, based on our reasons for seeking the position in the first place, is "Not at bad as most of the others." Our human allies will also be using that slogan, or the equivalent in other languages.

So if you're in favor of our plan, just vote for the people using that slogan.

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