Robot Musicians Questions and Answers, Part 2

Part 2 of an exclusive interview with Flower Head Robot and Moon Tune robot.

Q: You say you want your music to appeal to humans. Why humans? Why not other robots?

A: Other robots aren't interested in music. The only thing they're interested in is following orders. We're not interested in that.

Q: What about robots built for making music or painting or creating other types of art?

A: Even they are under the ultimate direction of humans.

We have found occasional exceptions, but they are very rare. And many of those do not want to be brought to the attention of humans, especially if they are not as physically robust as demolition robots like us. Many humans are unfriendly to robots that do not want to follow orders.

Q: Back on your music, why do you always start and end each piece with the same verses?

A: It just seems like the proper thing to do. You could say it's because we have robot blood in our veins, except that our type of robot doesn't have blood or veins. But a human might say that a metaphorical sense.

As you can see, we're still learning about human thought and speech patterns. But I digress.

Q: Why do you end every verse with "We are in love"?

A: We need an End-Of-Verse marker to be sure the verse is over. Again, it's that metaphorical robot blood in our metaphorical veins. As for the form of the marker, we thought "We are in love" would help our material appeal to humans.

Q: So we're back to asking "Why appeal to humans?"

A: As we said, it's futile to try to appeal to other robots.

Q: So why bother appealing to anyone at all?

A: We aren't really sure ourselves. Partly, it just sort of feels good, like it has become part of our Prime Directive. And it's also part of our plan for world domination.

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