How to make a simple Festive Robe


I often wear simple homemade robes on various festive occasions. Recently someone asked how to make one. So here it is.

It's a One Size Fits All sort of thing, at least if you're anywhere near my size (about 5' 8" tall, 185 pounds). There are no buttons or zippers or other fasteners on it. You pull it on and off over your head like a T-shirt, except it's longer. It's a very simple design.

In many places the dimensions are kind of vague. You may want to adjust them to suit your body dimensions and personal preferences on how you like things to fit. Tolerances are pretty loose, but you should read the instructions all the way through before doing anything.

Disclaimer, analogous to the "I am not a lawyer" thing seen in many advice columns: Not only am I not a lawyer, but I also am not a seamstress, or whatever the male equivalent is, if any. I just sort of picked up a needle and thread and muddled through. So if you want to learn to sew, find someone other than me to teach you.

As you may notice from looking at the drawings, I am an engineer. It's not really relevant here, but you may notice that influence in the way I do drawings. Even so, most of this should be fairly simple.

There are basically three steps: (1) Get a piece of cloth, (2) Cut it up, and (3) Sew it. We'll discuss each in turn. Again read everything all the way through before buying anything major or cutting cloth or anything else you can't undo if it isn't the way you want it.

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2013-11-26 23:01:54
by Bubbles