Analemma with Sun Signs and current Sun Position

The figure-eight shape in the image on this page shows an analemma divided into the twelve signs of the tropical astrologers' Zodiac.

It also shows the current position of the Sun relative to the signs. Each colored region represents one astrological sign. The four cardinal signs (the ones the Sun enters at Solstices and Equinoxes) are labeled in larger type than the others.

Note that this is different from most analemmas printed on globes and such, which are usually marked with the calendar months rather than the Zodiac signs.

Sun's Position as of Oct 24, 2023

Declination: -11.92 Degrees
Equation of Time: 0.26 Hours = 3.96 Degrees
Sun's Longitude: 211.28 Degrees

Analemma Image
The analemma is shown as if you were looking up into the sky at the Sun. Thus East and West appear reversed from the way they are normally shown on maps of places on the Earth's surface.

Some other sites show analemma images based on shadows cast on the ground or on a wall by some fixed object such as the gnomon on a sundial. Those images will likewise be mirror images of this one.

We also have an interactive version that lets you change the effective date to show the Sun's position at other times of year. You need to have Java (not the same thing as Javascript) enabled in order to see it.

Calculations are based on formulas published by the US Naval Observatory.

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